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22.37 22.37 22.37 USD
SimpleLeak is a small, nicely designed Sigfox water leakage, freeze and high-temperature detector with reliable functions and large battery capacity.
The best device for your insurance case and facility management.
25 000 message equivalents
CheckFox 2.0
294.38 294.38 294.38 USD
CheckFox is a revolutionary Sigfox network measurement and testing device that is critical for any mass scale Sigfox deployment. It includes CheckFox dashboard for result visualisation and analysis and device remote management.
37.68 37.68 37.68 USD
Sigfox temperature and humidity sensor
100 000 messages. 10 years battery life.
SimpleBox - SimplePack DemoKit - RC1 only
161.32 161.32 161.32 USD
Demonstration of 6 modes of SimplePack - GUARD, PRESS, TRACK, TRACE, PUT BACK, MONITOR.
Contains 6 units of SimplePack 4.0 Basic (DevKit version) Sigfox devices including a 1-year Sigfox connectivity.
Available in RC zone 1/3/7 only.
SimplePack 4.0 Basic
20.02 20.02 20.02 USD
The smallest Sigfox IoT device with button and accelerometer sensors.
Motion, orientation change / tilt, vibration, button press detection.
Other sensors available upon request
10 000 messages. Available for RC1 / RC3 / RC7.
SimplePack 4.0 Plus Button
23.55 23.55 23.55 USD
Simple Sigfox IoT device.
25 000 message equivalents
SimplePack 4.0 Plus WiFi Tracker
29.44 29.44 29.44 USD
Ultra small high precision Sigfox tracking device.
Highly configurable.
25 000 message equivalents
SimplePack 4.0 Plus Precise Temperature
31.79 31.79 31.79 USD
Sigfox IoT temperature meter.
Accelerometer, button, precise temperature sensor.
25 000 message equivalents
SimplePack 4.0 Plus Reed Switch
30.62 30.62 30.62 USD
Sigfox device for your IoT project.
Detect opening, tampering, magnet rotation on a wheel.
Report on event, periodically or on count.
Magnet is not included.
SimplePack 4.0 Plus PoC
43.57 43.57 43.57 USD
Multi-sensor Sigfox device for your IoT project Proof of Concept.
Accelerometer, button, precise position, precise temperature, magnetic switch and light sensors.
25 000 message equivalents
SimpleIndustry WiFi Tracker
41.21 41.21 41.21 USD
Durable Sigfox IoT tracker with IP67 rated super strong polycarbonate casing and several fixture possibilities.
WiFi localization, Accelerometer, Reed switch.
100 000 messages.
SimpleIndustry Precise Temperature
41.21 41.21 41.21 USD
Durable Sigfox temperature monitoring device with external temp sensor.
Contains accelerometer and reed switch.
100 000 messages.
SimpleIndustry Precise Temperature Hot
105.98 105.98 105.98 USD
Precise Sigfox temperature meter with external temp sensor for extremely hot conditions.
Contains accelerometer and reed switch.
70 000 messages.
Non-removable industrial permanent double-sided tape 25x75mm
1.18 1.18 1.18 USD
Pre-cut - size 25 x 75mm
Devkit Add-On for SimplePack RC1 & RC3
4.71 4.71 4.71 USD
Not to be sold separately. Please purchase together with SimplePack/SimpleMeter/SimpleIndustry. Not usable for Checkfox/SimpleLeak.
Includes a one-year full Sigfox connectivity non-commercial subscription and a 20-day IoT platform trial access for one device.
SimplePack Devkit is an ideal tool to be used for hackathons, development and testing purposes.
Currently available only for RC1, RC3 and RC7.
Additional warranty
0.00 0.0 USD
Custom UV print branding - per unit fee
1.18 1.18 1.18 USD
Custom UV print of your logo / image / icon on the front of the device.
Ultra strong neodymium magnet in a SimplePack Plus case with double-sided permanent tape for reed switch
2.36 2.36 2.36 USD
For reed switch/dry contact. Can be fixed with industrial double sided tape
Extended premium setup and configuration technical support
117.75 117.75 117.75 USD
We will get in touch through a support ticket, email or call and we will go through your expectations of the device behavior. Based on these expectations, we will then suggest the best possible device settings for you and then help you with registering the devices into the Sigfox backend and/or the IO Frog platform and configuring them properly.

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