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Here we share with you the latest industry updates, announcing our products and starting the IoT conversation about sales, use cases and plenty more.

Audience: Sales, technical pre-sales, support, Sigfox Operators and integrators, IoT platforms. Technical level: intermediate

Format: 30 mins presentation + 15 mins Questions & Answers session 

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16 April 2020, Thursday, 2PM-3PM (CEST)

Cold chain monitoring solution using SimplePack 4.0/ Simple Industry and IO Frog platform. 

In this webinar, we will showcase the solution using Simple Hardware devices and IO Frog platform.

Host: Pavel Sodomka,

CEO at Simple Hardware

23 April 2020, Thursday, 2PM-3PM (CEST)

Geolocation services of IO Frog platform

In this webinar, David Zencak will explain how the platform operates with geolocation services, how to set up the location sources in settings, demonstrate tracking dashboards and other useful features.

Host: David Zencak, CEO at IO Frog

30 April 2020, Thursday, 2PM-3PM (CEST)

Simple Hardware embedded solutions

Smallest hardware platform to embed into your existing solutions. Leveraging existing 60 modes and support of API6. 2 external switches or analog sources or SPI. 

Host: Pavel Sodomka,

CEO at Simple Hardware

14 May 2020, Thursday, 2PM-3PM (CEST)

Legionella monitoring solution 

Legionella is a bacteria found in natural and artificial water systems that can lead to a serious disease called legionellosis. In this webinar, we will explain to you how to monitor water temperature with a SimplePack device and prevent legionella.

Host: Pavel Sodomka, CEO at Simple Hardware

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21 May 2020, Thursday, 2PM-3PM (CEST)

A white-label solution in IO Frog and why it's interesting for you/ your clients.

How a white-label solution can add value to your business. Quick and effective set-up, real-life customer stories. Learn all the possibilities of customized branding with IO Frog, branded mobile apps and more. 

Host: David Zencak, CEO at IO Frog

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