We offer simple, cost-effective and reliable Sigfox devices, solutions and consulting services for your IoT project.

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Simple, cool, cost-effective and reliable IoT devices with extra long battery life.

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Learn about 50+ use cases you can solve with SimpleHW devices.

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With our experience we help you shorten your IoT sales cycle from 2 years to 5 minutes.

The devices.


The smallest and most versatile Sigfox devices equipped with multiple sensors.

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Reliable Sigfox water leak, freeze, overheat and vibration detector with 10+ year battery life.

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Super strong Sigfox devices for tracking and temperature monitoring use cases.

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Nicely designed indoor Sigfox temperature and humidity monitoring device. 


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Simple, low-cost, reliable Sigfox devices for your IoT project


Highly customizable firmware API 6 that sets up and controls the devices


IO Frog is a Sigfox only IoT based platform that helps you to monitor all your devices in one place


The devices can be customized with own color, logo, icon, etc. according to the customer's needs


The devices can be ordered with nicely-designed packages or a customized design for your purposes


Check out 6 verticals and more than  50 business cases  solvable with our devices.

Office chair monitoring

There are 400 000 000 office chairs in the world. Naturally, every manager loves to see their utilization. Therefore, office chair monitoring is a great solution for you. Plus you can benefit from real-life savings from energy management, usage optimization and hot desking.​

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Why we are the best

As their name says, using the SimpleLeak was easy and straight forward to use. Gotta love how easy is to do #iot with @sigfox.


Nice to see the good work you are doing creating simple, but clever IOT sensors on SigFox

Charles Americanos

It's always a pleasure working with them, their support and service to our ecosystem is flawless"

Beatriz from WND Mexico