Simple, affordable and reliable Sigfox devices for your IoT project.

About us Simple Hardware s.r.o.

Simple Hardware is a Czech IoT startup company delivering cool, cheap and reliable IoT devices with extra long battery life worldwide. These devices can be used and quickly integrated in the insurance, safety, Industry 4.0, Smart City, e-agro, logistics, and utility sectors. They can also be incorporated and branded in retail solutions for end customers. Currently Simple Hardware devices are successfully deployed in 20 countries worldwide. 

The Simple Hardware products  are primarily intended for companies or integrators. knowledgeable in Sigfox technology, building their solutions either for company usage or for their customers.

If you are a private consumer please go to IOFrog platform to purchase the device including connectivity and platform.

Wanna try? SimpleBox

A demonstration set of 6 simplePack Sigfox devices – rev. 2.0 Developer edition incl. Sigfox connectivity subscription.

SimpleBox presents all the six modes that simplePack can be configured for depending on the needs of a particular use case.

sigfox iot device

Learn about 50+ use cases you can solve with simpleHW devices

Download all product datasheets here