Premium Partner Program


  • have happy customers
  • provide devices at the lowest cost to integrators
  • provide devices on a large scale
  • provide open pricing information in order to quickly calculate TCO and ROI
  • provide online training and support

From our experience we are not a big believer in monopolistic local distributors having a large cut on the prices and not providing a lot of useful services / value add-on.

So our approach is two-fold.

1. Direct distribution

All the devices can be ordered and shipped from our e-shop with direct support from us. Custom quotation for any large field project/deployment is available. If any local SimpleHW premium partner is available we try to get them involved.

2. Local non-exclusive distributor/ 
SimpleHW premium partner program


  • Locally well established distributor with strong partner network
  • Ability to keep and manage stock locally and provide local shipping
  • A trained technician with deep technical Simple Hardware products knowledge
  • First line of support provided to customers
  • Active promotion on website
  • Active promotion in local market
  • Mutual work on the business pipeline and opportunities
  • Basic stock keeping to fulfill local PoCs
  • Only for resell devices/not an end user


  • Leads and customer sharing
  • Promotion in SimpleHW marketing and PR (website, newsletter, social media)
  • Premium second level support
  • Mutual work on the business pipeline and opportunities
  • Access to prototypes
  • Volume discounts and half-year paybacks

Please contact us at for more details and qualification.

Premium Partners


NXT IoT - distributor of IoT devices and integrator of IoT solutions in Mexico 


SNOC - design and production of IoT solutions including the object itself, the radio component and digital cloud services

For other markets, we sell devices directly. In case you would like to test our hardware, please order some samples through our eshop. For Sigfox connectivity, get in touch with your local Sigfox Operator.