7 main pitfalls of IoT sales

1. Everyone loves to play, loves the gadgetry and the endless opportunities. 
Don’t show of and propose immediate PoC…it is very tempting but deadly. Do the detailed discovery (or at least qualification) and agree on the overall business before the PoC. PoC is there just to confirm assumptions and close the deal.

2. Don’t take the maximum possible deployment as basis of your opportunity evaluation (number of dust bins, number of trees, number of parcels).
Better ask what is your budget for this project this and next year and what minimal deployment makes sense from business perspective.

3. Remember there is a long way from middle management to board.
It is not enough that one person at customer is convinced. Board has very little time for IoT projects..And they don’t tend to be progressive and tech savvy. Ask for a general IoT educative workshop with the board or owners with live presentations. They mostly love it if done properly.

4. Don’t count on the customer to be proactive.
IoT is not a part of their core business..IoT is mostly something nice to have but not critical and number 67 of their IT projects. You need to chase them each week, agree on next steps and milestones. But don’t worry it used to be precisely the same in the beginning of Internet and the beginning of cloud.

5. Remember someone needs to do the real field PoC or integration work.
Discovery gives you a pretty good scope of the project. Define clearly and early who is going to do what at what price and how the partners will get involved and paid.

6. Don’t pretend to know everything. If in doubts how to do things, ask in forums or partners.
Study the 52 use cases how by very limited number sensors you can do a plethora of sales. And don’t concentrate on HW or connectivity price. Remember device cost is mostly only 15 percent of the overall TCO.

7. Don’t be in listening mode only.
Ask, ask, ask. Don’t be timid. Challenge the customer and their current business model. IoT changes quite often business models (use the Internet example). Try to find a way how to evolve the customer business model.
Get as much business information as possible. Ask why? why now? why this technology and not something else?