When can you expect your ordered SimplePack Plus devices?

We have been diligently developing and refining and fine tuning the cheapest and smallest Swiss-army knife for Sigfox with incredible battery life and best possible radio performance for 6 months and we are 6 weeks late behind our original schedule.

Doing smart a simple hardware is not easy. It is really close to hell.

We have even pre-purchased electronics parts for tens of thousands pieces on order to be able to produce fast and not having to wait for third party.

Everything in the prototype series works fine. Radio performance and consumption is superb.

Currently we are just waiting for delivery of custom plastic encasings from China and of custom ultrasound sonotrode for welding.

What we are also working at is the firmware where the API is due to the myriad of sensors rather complex. We are expanding the user modes from current 8 to 256. As not all the use cases will be ready immediately we are ready to prioritise and fine tune the firmware to use case and intended behaviour of first movers customers.

Thank you for your preorders and please let us know which use case you want to test and what is the expected behaviour.


Best wishes,

Simple Hardware Team