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SimplePack is a Sigfox-enabled device that integrators can build their solutions upon.

Simple as Czech beer.
Cheap as Czech beer.

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It contains:

  • Assembly language programmable MCU
  • Accelerometer
  • LED diode
  • Button
  • Sigfox modem
  • Antenna
  • Non replaceable, non rechargeable battery

Size: 69 x 25 x 10mm
Battery longevity: 4000 messages (in guard mode - 10 years)

Available versions:
1.0 (in stock) - original button and LED, fully functional as the later versions, suitable for track / trace / put me back / monitor me modes
1.1 (available at the end of August) - original button and LED, API 5
1.2 (last 150 units available) - better button with click feedback
2.0 (available at the end of September) - better button and LED offset from button with higher luminosity, upgraded API - we are accepting preorders

Nice, small, waterproof case. Space for branded sticker, UV print, two sided tape. UV print branding and paper packaging available at extra charge. Contact us with your inquiry.

Mass-manufactured and tested in the Czech Republic

Possibilities of SimplePack utilization in combination with Sigfox Geolocations are endless

White label product: only hardware is provided - we don't provide any SW platform and connectivity, we provide only a demo platform to showcase the possibilities plus instructions how to integrate into common IoT platforms

For Sigfox network access please contact your local Sigfox oprator

For demonstration of device functions please register your device at simpleapp.eu (please note that this application is only for demo purposes and does not provide any guarantees) 

Download datasheet  User guide and payload description