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Durable long-lasting Sigfox devices especially suitable for tracking and temperature monitoring IoT projects.

  • 100 000 Sigfox messages
  • 10 years long battery life
  • Incredible price / performance ratio 
  • IP67 super strong polycarbonate casing
  • Highly customizable firmware API6
SimpleIndustry Atlas Tracker
37.68 37.68 37.68 USD
Extra durable Sigfox IoT tracker with IP68 rated super strong polycarbonate casing and several fixture possibilities.
Atlas localization or Motion, tilt, impact detection
100 000 messages
SimpleIndustry Float Sensor
76.54 76.54 76.54 USD
Durable Sigfox device with float sensor for liquid level monitoring.
Contains accelerometer and float switch on 2m cable
(different cable lengths available for field deployment)
100 000 messages.
SimpleIndustry Legionella Flow detection
56.52 56.52 56.52 USD
Specific device with unique firmware counting water flows based on temperature change of pipe sensor for Legionella monitoring.
100 000 messages.
SimpleIndustry Magnetic Switch/Dry Contacts
52.99 52.99 52.99 USD
Device to report/count any pulses/switches from 1 or 2 dry contacts/microswitches
Contains 2m cables with stripped tinned wires. Cable length adjustable for field deployment.
Contains accelerometer
100 000 messages.
SimpleIndustry Precise Temperature
41.21 41.21 41.21 USD
Durable Sigfox temperature monitoring device with external temp sensor.
Contains accelerometer and reed switch.
100 000 messages.
SimpleIndustry Temperature Cable Probes
45.92 45.92 45.92 USD
Durable Sigfox temperature meter with up two temp sensors on cable probes.
Variant cable types, tips and lengths available
SimpleIndustry WiFi Tracker
41.21 41.21 41.21 USD
Durable Sigfox IoT tracker with IP67 rated super strong polycarbonate casing and several fixture possibilities.
WiFi localization, Accelerometer, Reed switch.
100 000 messages.

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