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SimplePack 4.0 Plus Button

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SimplePack 4.0 Plus Button

Simple Sigfox IoT device.
30 000 Sigfox messages.


24.07 24.07 24.07 USD

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not just a button!

SimplePack 4.0 Plus Button is a simple Sigfox device that integrators can use to build their IoT solutions based on button press monitoring.

  • Button
  • LED diode
  • Highly customizable firmware API6
  • 30 000 messages*
  • 10 years longevity*
  • Sigfox Atlas localization
  • Small form-factor:
    81 x 29,5 x 12 mm
* The number of messages and battery longevity in the Guard me mode and were not sending more 140 messages/day (Sigfox daily limit). For more info read here.


Use cases

SimplePack 4.0 Plus Button can be remotely configured for different modes depending on the needs of a particular usage enabling tens of business cases.
The button distinguishes one click / double click / long press / extra long press.

  • Security & elderly care - emergency panic button (read the blog post here)

  • Order button (repeated ordering of goods such as office supplies, food)

  • Sigfox Atlas tracking with the precision of 1km (If you are looking for precise localization please see SimplePack Plus WiFi Tracker)

            IoT platform

            The most advanced Sigfox platform IO available for your use (20 days free trial)

            • All devices in one place
            • Multi-language support
            • Notifications - SMS and Email notifications set on device level
            • Android and iOS mobile apps
            • Watch the webinar recording and slides to learn more here

            Support of tens of other IoT platforms


            To install this Web App in your iPhone/iPad press and then Add to Home Screen.