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SimplePack 4.0 Plus Full

37.40 37.40 37.4 USD

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SimplePack 4.0 Plus Full

Multi-sensor Sigfox IoT device for your IoT project's PoC.
Accelerometer, button, WiFi sniffing, precise temperature, reed switch, magnetometer, buzzer and light sensors.
30 000 messages.
Available in RC2 / RC4 / RC5 / RC6.
For RC1 / RC3 / RC7 please order SimplePack 4.0 Plus PoC.


37.40 37.40 37.4 USD

34.00 €

  • Availability
  • Radio Zone
  • Multizone
  • Monarch Support
  • Typical number of messages
  • Button
  • LED
  • Accelerometer
  • WiFi sniffing for tracking
  • Ambient temperature
  • Precise Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Shock detection
  • Inclination detection
  • Vibration detection and recording
  • Ambient light detection
  • Buzzer
  • Magnetometer
  • Reed switch
  • Colour

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*  RC1 (Europe, Africa & Middle East) / RC3 (Japan) / RC7 (Russia)

** RC2 (USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico) / RC4 (Latin America & Asia Pacific) / RC5 (South Korea) working also in RC1/3/7 if roaming/Monarch is required

For detailed information see or contact us.

The best choice for your poC!

SimplePack 4.0 Plus Full is a multi-sensor multi-purpose Sigfox device perfect for testing out different sensors or a combination of sensors in your IoT projects.

  • Accelerometer
  • Clicking button
  • LED diode
  • Magnetometer - compass
  • Reed switch
  • Precise temperature
  • Light sensor 
  • Buzzer
  • WiFi sniffing precise localization
  • 30 000 messages*
  • 10 years longevity*
  • Highly customizable firmware API6
  • Small form-factor:
    81 x 29,5 x 12 mm
  • White-label
* The number of messages and battery longevity in the Guard me mode and were not sending more 140 messages/day (Sigfox daily limit). For more info read here.


Use cases

SimplePack 4.0 Plus Full can be remotely configured for different modes depending on the needs of a particular usage enabling tens of business cases. Possibilities of SimplePack utilization in combination with Sigfox Atlas and WiFi localization are endless. 

  • Security & insurance - door/window opening and intrusion monitoring
  • Asset monitoring (bikes, cars, drawer, house, etc.)
  • Cold chain management - monitoring temperature changes with an accuracy of +-0.5°C (watch the webinar recording and slides here).
  • Rotation count using the reed switch
  • Office chair/occupancy monitoring (more details here)
  • Coffee machine and coffee consumption monitoring - maintenance, reorder button
  • Elderly care - emergency panic button (read the blog post here)
  • Order button (repeated ordering of goods such as office supplies, food)
  • Manhole cover monitoring (watch a video on how it works)
  • Horizontal barrier gates monitoring (checking status and position of the gate, major impact)
  • Sigfox Atlas tracking with the precision of 1km
  • WiFi sniffing localization with very high precision

            IoT platform

            The most advanced Sigfox platform IO available for your use (20 days free trial)

            • All devices in one place
            • Multi-language support
            • Map view - custom markers based on device status, tracing the history, the difference between the home position and current position
            • Notifications - SMS and Email notifications set on device level
            • Android and iOS mobile apps
            • Watch the webinar recording and slides to learn more here

            Support of tens of other IoT platforms


            SimplePack 4.0 Plus Advanced Edition  

            Additional options to SimplePack 4.0 Plus:

            • Machine learning
            • Barometer
            • Gyroscope
            • Pedometer
            • Precise time
            • Larger memory for WiFi precise location
            • Even lower battery consumption for some use cases

            Interested in the Advanced Edition? Please contact us with your inquiry and device requirements or use this form.


            Do you need help finding the best device for your use case?
            Not sure which mode/ settings to use? 
            Are you looking for a custom device solution?

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