Webinar series: summary

Keep going like this. Your are really brining a revolution in term of thinking – Webinar attendee Last week we finished our first series of webinars. How can we conclude the results? We have successfully hosted 7 webinars with more than 450 registrations from all over the world! It was

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Manhole cover monitoring with SimplePack

According to statistics, each year, an estimated 2,000 manhole events occur across North America due to aging electrical or other infrastructure. That’s 5.5 events per day. An unauthorized opening of the manhole is extremely dangerous and can occur numerous accidents to people and public properties. In order to prevent or

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In IoT LEGO boxes we trust

* The LEGO trademark is used here only for educational and parable purposes and the presentation is not sponsored or authorized by the LEGO Group. So let’s see what is so fascinating about LEGO and why do we like it so much? Contains very nice pictures of the final creation Gives

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Why IoT is so important for Insurance companies?

We see insurance as one of the verticals with tones of opportunities. Therefore, in this blog post, we want to highlight the importance of IoT for Insurance companies and give you our customer case example. The unique position of Insurance companies: Insurance owns a large clients base Insurance has money

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Freezing conditions of Simple Pack/ use case

“We don’t do functionality testing, but environment testing as well” You have probably heard about the endless possibilities of our devices with the help of various physical sensors. Every week we are trying to demonstrate use cases and explain them in real life examples.  Cold chain monitoring is an extremely

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Wifi animal tracking use case/ Simple Pack 3.0 Plus

Fridays are usually lazy days, especially in the summer. But not for us – instead of heading off to lunch, we went on a walk with Kimi the dog to try out a specific asset tracking use case of the SimplePack, our universal IoT sensor device. Pet tracking. But wait,

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IO Frog Iot platform sigfox

IO Frog – not another IoT platform

IO Frog is Sigfox based only IoT platform that helps you to monitor all your devices in one place. We are actively using and promoting the platform, because of its uniqueness and effectiveness. You ask why? Here is the list. Unique IOFrog features Check the coverage with Global Coverage API

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product package

Perfecting our brand identity!

Nice to see the good work you are doing, creative simple, but clever IoT sensors on Sigfox – Charles Americanos, Founder & CEO at CGA Consulting Ltd Simple Hardware team always focuses on providing the cheapest, smallest and most reliable devices in the market. We want to keep it simple, but

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Why API 6 is revolutionary?

So why is our API 6 truly revolutionary? API 6 is the firmware that controls your devices and interprets messages in a unique way. At the same time, it tells you how the devices communicate between the Sigfox backend and IoT platforms.  Because of the major Sigfox limitation of 12

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