Top 8 use cases for Christmas with SimplePack

Christmas and the New Year are just around the corner. If you want the festive season to be just great, check out the top 8 Christmas use cases with SimplePack that can make your life easier!  1. Watch out! Fire! Despite the winter season and cold, Christmas is a very

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In bonding we believe | SimpleHW Newsletter No. 9

Dear Sigfox enthusiasts, We try to make your life easy, as IoT itself is complicated enough. That’s why we’d like to share with you a few articles that could help you in your daily life. Mounting of the devices can be tricky. As IoT is revolutionary, we strongly believe the

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Sigfox Device

Monitoring usage of fridges with the SimplePack

Whether consumer-oriented or industrial, fridges play an important role in both private and corporate lives. Without them, the entire cold chain industry, restaurant chains and kitchens in homes would be back in the 18th century – unable to store vegetables, meat and pretty much everything perishable for a longer time

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tracing dashboard

Enjoying a cup of coffee across the Sigfox network worldwide

At the start of November, our SimpleHW team announced an international project of coffee machine monitoring. The monitoring devices were sent to all the Sigfox operators around the world. Now the devices are reporting the vibration/coffee preparation on their coffee machines. Among participants, there are already more than 45 Sigfox

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Is Sigfox really a Global network? | SimpleHW Newsletter No. 8

Dear Sigfox enthusiasts, Before talking about our new products we want to share with you a project celebrating the true global coverage of Sigfox. As IoT is about collecting meaningful data from objects and finding new business models based on them, we identified one of the most utilized machines in

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SimpleHW product launch: 5 brand-new devices announced

We are proud to announce 5 new products being launched last Thursday. Check out the recording here and slides here. Meet Simplepack Embedded Smallest hardware platform to embed into your existing solutions Leveraging existing 60 modes and support of API6 2 external switches or analog sources or SPI (e.g. temperature,

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Testing of magnets and reed switch performance

Hello there! We’ve done a test of the reed switch on our SimplePack Plus. You can find information about the reed switch we’re using here. The purpose of this testing was to find out: Best magnet type to use Best magnet shape to use Best magnet strength to use The

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Direct Echo announced massive B2C campaigns

If you are walking around Prague and noticing our devices everywhere, it is not a dream or magic, it is a new Direct Echo marketing campaign! We are excited that the Direct insurance company has launched a massive B2C campaign featuring both SimpleLeak and SimplePack on billboards and city lights.

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Water pipe temperature monitoring

Recently, we’ve tested the SimplePack Plus when mounted onto a water pipe. The purpose of this test was to test how precisely and how fast the device will monitor temperature changes of water in pipes without direct contact with the liquid – there is a myriad of use cases that

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