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Direct Echo announced massive B2C campaigns

If you are walking around Prague and noticing our devices everywhere, it is not a dream or magic, it is a new Direct Echo marketing campaign! We are excited that the Direct insurance company has launched a massive B2C campaign featuring both SimpleLeak and SimplePack on billboards and city lights.

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PoC testing with SimplePack: customer case

As IoT grows and pierces more and more industry sectors, forward-thinking managers are looking for solutions for their problems and improvements in general. One such manager, whose name we won’t mention, works for a very successful company in the commercial cooler sector. Among other services, they provide coolers and fridges

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Direct Echo service: protect your home before something happens.

The Czech insurance company Direct is giving customers an opportunity to protect their property and assets with smart solutions. They launched the Direct echo service, which is delivered to the market with the cooperation of SimpleCell and Simple Hardware. Direct will offer an intuitive application along with sensors, warning of

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Securitas insurance case simple hardware

SECURITAS case: Mobile Emergency Button

The security agency SECURITAS has chosen our hardware solution to expand its portfolio with a mobile emergency button. The button will ensure availability of assistance 24 hours a day throughout the Czech Republic. It does not require any battery charge or complex configuration. The button is connected to the modern

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