Our webinars

Simple Hardware team is very happy to offer FREE series of webinars, including 6 insights + BONUS webinar.

What is in it for you? We cover physical sensors, Simple HW API 6, uniqueness of IO Frog platform, Insurance in IoT, Sigfox ecosystem, 7 main pitfalls in IoT sales, practical use cases and plenty more. The goal of the webinar series is to share our industry insights on how the IoT world actually works. So let’s start the conversation.

General Sales Training

7 biggest mistakes in IoT sales and how to avoid them.

Qualification criteria, discovery depth and proper pilots definition in Sigfox use cases.


Why IoT is so important for Insurance companies.​

10 takeaways from real clients. The unique position of Insurance companies

smart service platform

In IoT LEGO boxes we trust - why we don't do end-to-end solution and the role of partners in Sigfox ecosystem.​​

Do you like LEGO? What do you buy? Plastics, bricks, boxed sets or glued together castles.

Screenshot 2019-08-02 at 12.47.13

How physical sensors in IoT work, what they can do and what they cannot.

Accelerometer, temp and humidity meters, magnetometers, reed contact, light sensor, CO2, GPS, WiFi Atlas, WiFi Google and WiFi high precisions.

physical sensors

Devices and API training

SimpleHW API 6 Why is it revolutionary?

What can be achieved using just 12 Bytes in uplink and 8 Bytes in downlink? Why are there 60 different modes (business cases) programmed in SimplePack? How to choose the proper one?

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General IoT platform training

IOFrog - not another Sigfox platform?

Why most IoT platforms are doomed and what is so special about IOFrog? Practical demos from practical uses cases.


Checkfox Training

Why do we all need to use CheckFox and what’s so Sigfox special about it?

The outstanding features of the CheckFox device, its hardware, firmware, dashboard and updates of 2.0 version.