Past 3 months achievements

R&D, Production, Support

  1. Finished development and industrialisation of the smallest Sigfox device and tracker SimplePack 3.0 Plus working worldwide with 10 years battery life and 30 000 messages
  2. Finished development and industrialization of the smallest and cheapest Sigfox device SimplePack 3.0 for RC1 and RC3 (no WiFi sniffing and no R2/RC4) with 10 years battery life and 10 000 messages
  3. Signed an agreement with Sigfox IoT Agency for development of custom multiband high efficiency Sigfox antenna
  4. Preparation of production of SimpleTemp, temperature, humidity, CO2 and CO sensor with 180 000 messages
  5. Finished mould production in China for casings low cost, high quality production
  6. Finished ultrasound sonotrodes production in China
  7. Selected, bought, installed and fine-tuned a large 20 000 Hz ultrasound line machine for production automation and water proofness of the products.
  8. Selected, bought, installed and fine-tuned a large fiber laser machine with rotary table for  laser engraving IDs and QR codes and testing 4 devices in one step. Saving time, money and enabling to have custom prints both on front and back sides.
  9. Prepared bulk and end user packaging and custom branding of all the products
  10. Extended and improved a lot available documentation at
  11. Setup a professional and timely support process through

Sales and marketing

  1. New professional and dynamic corporate identity
  2. Changed marketing from HW marketing to 52 use case marketing including sales kits with ROIs and TCOs
  3. New web and e-shop agent
  4. Bi-monthly newsletter going to 2500 subscribers worldwide
  5. New team members:
    Václav Veselý – sales, business development, use cases and IoT platform integration
    Michala Jetelinová – social media
    new firmware low level programmer
    new hardware development and testing associate
  6. New IoT platform for demo and commercial purposes
    Japanese localization done, German, Spanish and French in works
  7. Continuous work on integrating SimpleHW with 10 top worldwide IoT platforms
  8. New product datasheets
  9. Detailed use case and sales kit for office chair monitoring a meeting room chair monitoring
  10. Signed a Japanese distributor
  11. 20 new customers
  12. Successful Sigfox Connect exhibition in Berlin
  13. Preparation of exhibitions in SAR and Japan
  14. Defined and consulted a public checklist for Qualification, Discovery a Solution validation
  15. Largest direct insurance corporation in Czech Republic announcing a major rollout of additional insurance service based on SimpleHW products