Is Sigfox really a Global network? | SimpleHW Newsletter No. 8

Dear Sigfox enthusiasts,

Before talking about our new products we want to share with you a project celebrating the true global coverage of Sigfox.

As IoT is about collecting meaningful data from objects and finding new business models based on them, we identified one of the most utilized machines in offices worldwide that requires maintenance, usage monitoring, and just-in-time re-supply.

This is not a printer but something more enjoyable.

With the help of 70 Sigfox operators worldwide we installed SimplePacks on the coffee machines using industrial double-sided tape, reporting any vibration/coffee preparation and thanks to visualizing it in real-time on web and in iPhone and Android apps.

Enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the Sigfox coffees being prepared across the globe.

See the results here

Product Launch

Back to the product news. Last week we launched 5 new products, find more info here.

Please see the launch and presentation and/or visit us at Sigfox Connect in Singapore to discuss them.


Next Wednesday are concluding the second season of the webinar series by a webinar on Cold chain monitoring. Check recordings and slides from previous webinars here.

27 November, Wednesday, 2PM, UTC+2

Is your cheese at the correct temperature? Advantages of Sigfox based cold chain monitoring.

Temperature monitoring with SimpleHW devices, Combination with other sensor readings

Premium IoT platform supports Simple Hardware

We are pleased to announce support by a premium IoT platform DevicePilot – the analytics, visualization, and automation tool for IoT. Due to the high interest from Simple Hard users and also being a Sigfox partner, DevicePilot has built a zero-code integration with SimpleHW’s devices for seamless user experience. Plugin your data and get instant, powerful insights to track all the important metrics that your business depends on.

Enjoy the global coffee project and enjoy our new and existing products.


Sigfoxly, already from Singapore

Your Simple Hardware team