Simple Hardware Newsletter No.10

Dear Sigfoxers,

We have a lot of new technologies and business things to share with you and we will follow with that in the next newsletter edition.

This is just a short reminder that we are safe, using facemasks and disinfectants and most of us are working from home. The Czech Republic took preventive measures early on, so we are pretty safe following the basic hygienic rules.

The factory is working in full force, Chinese suppliers of components are up again and we keep a large stock of crucial components. We are delivering all the backorders this week. Feel free to order more devices in our eshop.

Our thoughts are with suffering people worldwide. We are thinking about how we could be useful. Let us know if you have any ideas.

We adopted the FW of both SimplePack Plus and SimpleIndustry so we can record and measure temperature with 0.5°C accuracy and either aggregate data (measuring temperature every 5 minutes and still achieving longevity of 10 years) or increasing redundancy (so we are able to reconstruct all the data even if 8 consecutive messages get lost) This can be instrumental in medicaments and vaccines distribution.

We are happy to update you with three case studies, which are possible to implement with our Simple Hardware devices.

AED machine monitoring

Every year in the U.S., approximately 356,000 cases of cardiac arrest occur outside of a hospital setting, in which less than 6% survive. Here is our take on how to take action and save lives with a SimplePack device and Sigfox.

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BridgIoT flood detector

This case study is focused on the business case for SimpleLeak, a device for detecting water leaks. BridgIoT is using it to reduce the consequential losses of flooding and water-related damage for both homeowners and short-term insurers.

Read the story here.



First, we monitor your coffee machines and office chairs. Now we change the perspective of the facility management vertical with Sigfox, SimplePack button device and MerciYanis, which is a very innovative startup from Labège.

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IO Frog updates

Got some assets to trace and looking for the best platform to visualize and assess your data? Run your tracking project with IO Frog platform! They updated tracing dashboards, improved UX design and added more features. Learn more.

Interested in tracking devices? Check more here.

Looking for a perfect device for your IoT project?

We are here to help to benchmark

  • Best device for Sigfox Atlas Tracking: here
  • Best device for temperature & humidity monitoring: here
  • Best SimplePack in terms of radio performance & price and temperature: here

Not sure which Simple Hardware device to choose? Want some help with the use case definition and business model? We are happy to be there for you. Check out the Guru page to guide you further. More info here.

Happy Sigfoxing,

Simple Hardware team