sigfox iot device water leakage detector

SimpleLeak video introduction: water leakage detector

SimpleLeak is a small, simple, nicely designed water leakage detector & flood sensor with reliable functions and large battery capacity. The best device for your insurance case and facility management. Use case description: home and company water leakage detection, pipe leak, freeze alert, non-normal room temperature alert, fire alert. Watch the

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sales qualification BANT

In sales we trust | Simple HW newsletter No.03

Welcome to the third edition of our newsletter (as always the previous ones can be found here). We are not going to write extensively about Sigfox Connect, either you were there or we pity you for not coming. :)Thanks a lot to all in the Sigfox team to arrange smoothly such

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iot enthusiast hiring

We are looking for Junior IoT HW Enthusiast

Our CTO Tomas is looking for a Junior IoT HW Enthusiast, a colleague who would give him a hand with the development, manufacturing and testing of the best #IoTHardware on Sigfox. Are you…? precise proactive time flexible eager to learn dexterous And, beside of all, do you…? have basic microelectronics

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IO Frog Iot platform sigfox

Geolocation precision and WiFi localisation possibilities

There are many ways how to do geolocation and indoor location with Sigfox especially combining Sigfox with technologies like GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. GPS is not always the most suitable of those as GPS needs a very long fix time, clear sky above you and rather high power consumption.

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simple hw sigfox devices water leak detector and simple pack

New products in stock​ | Simple HW newsletter No.01

We have been really busy in the last few months in improving our products, clarifying and broadening our documentation and improving support. We have still a long road ahead of us, but we are totally committed to bring the best Sigfox device at best price with best radio performance and

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