Heat Testing with SimplePack

SimplePack is a universal Sigfox-enabled device that integrators can build their IoT solutions upon. Our goal to build various scenarios and test the devices under different conditions in order to push the limits and see the outcomes.

This time we have done heat testing. The purpose of the project was to check if the device is going to work in extreme conditions or not and how. 

The device was placed in the oven at 60 degrees and the temperature was slightly increased for an hour. At 120 degrees Celsius, the plastic part of the device was deformed, but the device was working properly, sending and receiving messages without any problems. Plus, the Sigfox module was transmitting data the way it should. 

The device will not send you precise temperature around these temperatures as the API 6 firmware only supports temperature measuring up to 87,5 degrees Celsius. 

Therefore, the recommended working temperature for the SimplePack is up to 60 or 70 degrees.

Want to learn more about the API 6 Encoding specifications? Read up here.


Best Wishes,

Simple Hardware Team