Choose the best SimplePack for your project: radio performance, temperature and price comparison

As you might know, we offer various versions of SimplePack devices, each is special in its own way. In this blog post, we provide a comparison table in terms of radio performance, temperature and price between SimplePack 2.0, SimplePack 3.0 and SimplePack 3.0 Plus and SimplePack 3.0 Plus Multizone, SimpleMeter/SimpleIndustry Multizone.

SimplePacks are different, so you have a great choice of possibilities according to your use case. For instance,

  • SimplePack 3.0 we use our own radio module and antenna to drive the consumption down and to improve the radio performance.
  • In SimplePack 3.0 Plus we provide larger battery and can be delivered with WiFi tracking
  • In Multizone editions, we add Power Amplifier to drive radio performance even higher
  • In SimpleMeter/SimpleIndustry Multizone we provide even bigger batteries.

The following table is related to the RC1 zone. Note that not all the versions are in stock.

Please consult with our sales team to find the best SKU/device for Proof of Concept and best for Field Deployment.

Radio Performance (higher is better)Number of messagesFull configurability (1 frame, 600bps, radio performance)Temperature precision in Temp editionPrice for Basic editionPrice for Temp edition
SimplePack 1.111.9 dBm4 000partial+-2°C15 €n/a
SimplePack 2.011.9 dBm4 000partial+-2°C15 €n/a
SimplePack 3.014 dBm10 000full+-0.5°C17 €22 €
SimplePack 3.0 Plus14 dBm30 000full+-0.5°C20 €25 €
SimplePack 3.0 Plus Multizone14-20 dBm30 000full+-0.5°C20 €25 €
SimpeMeter Multizone14-20 dBm100 000full+-0.5°Cn/a25 €
SimpleIndustry Multizone14-20 dBm100 000full+-0.5°C25 €30 €

Interested to learn more? Our sales team will be happy to help! Contact us for more details here.

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Simple Hardware team