Sigfox connectivity measurement device


Instant autonomous universal Sigfox coverage measurement device​


  • Small / water resilient / water and dust proof independent box
  • Highly energy efficient, long lasting Li-Pol battery, rechargeable
    through USB-C
  • Highly readable, backlit, low power display
  • Contains GPS, SIM card slot, accelerometer and others


  • Assembly language programmed to be robust, quick, cheap and low power
  • Over the air upgradable
  • Intuitive interface/no printed manual needed


  • Organisation, branch, user, test run rights management in CheckFox Dashboard
  • Google SSO, real cloud hosting/security/availability
  • Remote management of the CheckFox devices

What’s New in 2.0 Version

  • Mechanically sturdier and better built
  • Higher water resistance
  • WiFi sniffing possible – can be used instead of the GPS for precision
  • Newly added field installation mode
  • 10 EUR prepaid worldwide data SIM card included